Thursday, February 11, 2010

ALL NEW PRODUCTS now in stock! Place your comments to win!

Hi everyone,

This is the post you need to place a comment on to win your Gift Voucher!

Ok well firstly i'd like to say thank you to you all for getting in & placing your comment etc. Secondly i hope everyone is having a GREAT day!

I have been very busy adding MANY new items on my website which you can click through to by clicking on any of the side catagores. There are a few missing on my blog but they will soon be added as well. The main thing is that you can get through to my website by clicking on any of the catagories.

Ok well ALL the new Goat's Milk SOAPS are all up & ready & are already running out the door!  Plus there are other new ones as well which are VEGAN FRIENDLY!

The New Heart Shaped Soy Melts for Valwntine's day are also added & i'm selling them in bulk if your interested.

All new ECO RECYCLED Pegs have been added & also running out the door!

Only a few left of them.

CANDLES are all up & listed & are awesome! Already they have been popular as well & hold for LIP BALMS woohoo! Place your orders for these as already the pre orders are building up & may run out before i even have them up  LOL

Ok everyone place your comments below & receive a Gift Voucher. Place an order via my website & receive a Free Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Soy Melt in Bulgarian Rose.

DO BOTH & receive Both!

Happy Valentine's EVERYONE!


Happy Valentine's to all my fans! Gift Giving!

Hi Beautiful Fans!

In the spirit of Giving for valentine's Day i would like to give my fans & subscribers something in return instead.


There are 2 give aways!

All you need to do is place a comment on the ABOVE post & receive a FREE $5 Gift Voucher! You will just need to contact me via email once you have placed your comment & let me know your email address so that i can send you your Gift voucher via email.


Every order received between NOW & Valentine's Day will receive a FREE Heart Shaped Soy Melt in the scent of Bulgarian Rose!

Do both & your will receive BOTH 


SOOOOO yummmmy!