Tuesday, June 30, 2009

These BPA Free Bottles are now available & some are already running low.
Your more than welcome to use your Gift Vouchers which have been emailed
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We Thank you in advance for your Nomination/s of my WEBSITE &/or BLOG for any or all of the following awards.

Blog Award,
Eco Award, For Babies/Kids Award, Service Site Award, For Woman Award, Site I Like to Visit the Most Award, Most Likely to be Big Award or New Mumpreneur Award.
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Thank you so much!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Product Testimonial
This is a testimonial i have just received from one of my new clients & it is my very first one so i thought i'd share it with everyone.

"Just wanted to write at this point in time and say thank you for the fabulous Pure Earth products. I particularly love the face scrub, I must say it is one of the best I have ever used, at a great price too. The dishwasher powder is fantastic too, I expected to have to use heaps in comparison to the commercial ones, but you don’t!! So am also impressed by the size of the tub but how little I need to use – it will really last me ages!!"
Thank you to:
Monique Nickalls - Your Cheeky Monkey

Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Micheal Jackson

Our warmest wishes & love go out to your his family & friends.
WE LOVE YOUR MUSIC & you will always be remembered.
I grew up with your music & will make sure my kids know who you are & what
you were all about.
May you Rest In Peace!

From Pure Earth Noosa

ANYONE who would like to add to these wishes please feel free.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"What I Wish I knew Before I became A Mother"

is a beautiful gift book written specifically for new and expectant
mothers. This book, addresses topics such as pregnancy,
preparing for birth, encouraging communication with your partner,
breastfeeding, ensuring you have a strong support network, knowing when
to ask for help and looking after yourself.

‘What I wish I knew before I became a mother’ aims to help new mothers adjust to the demands of life with a newborn in a positive and uplifting way. Featuring gorgeous photography and practical tips and advice this book is the perfect gift for new and expectant mothers!

Now Available! @ www.pureearthnoosa.com

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Winners of Live Chat Showcase 12/6/09

Congratulations to all the winners of the Live Chat Showcase 12/6/09

Here are the winners & their prizes. Please forward your
address details to the following email:

MAJOR PRIZE PACK: Katy (Peace’s sister)

1 X Hand Creams RRP $13.95 each

1 X $10 Gift Voucher

1 X Incense Stick Pack of their choice RRP $5.75

1 X Dishwashing Liquid 250ml RRP $7.95

1 X Kids BPA Free Bottle RRP $15.95


1 X Hand Cream RRP $13.95 - SALLY-STRAWBERRY

1 X Hand Cream RRP $13.95 - MONIQUE-YCM

1 X $10 Gift Voucher - CARMEN-INK PINK

1 X Dishwashing Liquid 250ml RRP $7.95 - CARMEN INKPINK

1 X Kids BPA Free Bottle RRP $15.95 - JO DEBENHAM

Well Done!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live Chat Showcase

Don't forget - to sign up for our
Newsletter & receive a $5 Gift Voucher!

Week Left.


Lucky Prize Numbers

1. Kylie Handford
2. Erin - Prior Engagement
3. Karen Fraser - Green Chickadee
4. Claudette Betterridge
5. Melissa Creamer - Where to start websites
6. Amanda Guilfoyle
7. Stephanie Robles
8. Megan Mortimer
9. Caddie Noakes
10. Andrea's Natural Therapies
11. Louise Newman - Aspire Candles
12. Jo Debnam - The Toy Bug
13. Vicki Wallis
14. Peace - Love Being a Mum
15. Jane Doye - Cookey Cat Wall Art
16. MJ Photography
17. Louise Mahoney
18. Nicole Grant
19. Kim Baker
20. Monique - Your Cheeky Monkey
21. Jayne Day - Swish Lily
22. Paula Huhnemann
23. Rose-Leah H
24. Angel Bencivenga
25. Baba
26. Strawberry Jam Designs
27. Maria Agostino
28. Katy Garner
29. Leanne Heggie
30. Louise - Scamps Eco Boutique
31. Annette Piper
32. Catherine Oehlman
33. Lyndal J
34. Kristy Mailer
35. Sophie Feick
36. Gayle Richardson - Mummy's Wish
37. Susan Wallis
38. Oldskool
39. Helen Paul
40. Sue from Soobies
41. Carolyne Thornton
42. Sharon - Mummy & Me

NOTE: Let ME Know if you would like me to extend the
Gift Voucher time or date for those of you who can't attend the
live chat show case. I'm more than happy to do so for you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Want to know what to do with old Sneakers?

Ever wonder what we could do with our old sneakers? Once wore & badly damaged they tend to get thrown away in the bin. Well i found a site which you can send them to & they get reused once cut down. Wouldn't it be a great idea to start something similar here?

Is there something else you can think of that can be done with them?
Let us know what you come up with.

LAST CHANCE for your $5 Gift Vouchers

Hi Everyone,
Last few days to sign up for our Web Site Newsletter to receive your $5 Gift Vouchers.
We have had many sign ups already. Not many more to give out so hurry. Also if you could email me your address as soon as you have signed up i can get your voucher posted asap to you.
Email: pureearthnoosa@iinet.net.au
Web Site: www.pureearthnoosa.com
The cut of date to sign up is at 6pm on Friday 12th June.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Floods at Cooran

I thought i'd share with you what we had to deal with just recently after receiving plenty of rain in in a matter of a few days. LOL Lots of fun & swimming! Plus Hubby gets his gorgeous face in the paper.

Well where we are there are quite a few one way bridges or just bridges in general. When we receive plenty of rain in a short period of time well, lets just say the kids come out & play. Where we live, we are in the middle of 2 or 3 different bridges which ALWAYS flood. They don't take long & we get cut off.

It is so surreal when you see just how much water we get & that where there is meant to be a road, park & bridge that you just can't see them anymore. On a few occasions we had cars float away, stuck or under water.

RIP to the elderly lady that was swept away in her car & drowned.

On the last occasion we had the local news, helicopters flying above & SES everywhere. A few of the local schools had students stuck at school for a few nights as they could not get home nor could parents get to them. I bet they had lots of fun!

We (our Family & a few others surrounding us) get cut off from the little local store up the road.

Hubby usually never lets that get in the way. He was out with the older kids (NOT MINE, my kids got trapped out of Cooran & had to stay at poppy's) swimming & playing around in the water. At one point they managed to cross to the other side & that's when they got their pictures taken & got on the local papers & news channels. He thought he was a star!

It's hard to see in the pictures but where you see a glimpse of a bridge the water has risen over the bridge & where you see a field well that's it, it was a field with cows & a road which went down the middle. This you can't see anymore just water & in another picture you see a huge river well that's a road & the water is going against it like a T section. Right at the back of that same picture is where the bridge is & it has over flowed from. The width of the river from under the bridge has now gone well over the bridge & has become 10 times wider if not more. Both pictures are taken from both each side of our street blocking us in.

Have you ever been flooded in where you live??? Tell us what happened at your place.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lovely Morning

Introducing Jasmine or Jazzy as we call her, Andre my 3yr old boy, my 5yr old boy & my biggest boy of all my hubby Daniel.

What a lovely Morning!

Well after having a lovely 30mins sleep in this morning. I woke up to find my 2 boys were washed & sitting eating Breaky at the table with hubby.

With my little girl asleep next to me, I thought I'd better get up & get ready. We were all heading off for a walk, ride & scoot down the road to our local Eco Markets in Cooran.

So all 5 of us headed down the road. Me with my little girl in the pram, Hubby on his mountain bike, Kale my 5yr old on his on his scooter, & Andre my 3yr old on his BMX.

We we did our fruit & veggie shopping from our local farmers, grabbed a cuppa from a friend who has her coffee stall there & we then all sat down & had some lunch. We all had some of the local home made Thai Food. Which is just divine! We had a stir fry & hubby being a pig as usual went for seconds but this time had some Sticky rice in banana leaves.

Hubby loves this kind of food as he was bought up in Indonesia for many years with his mum & step dad. Went to school & lived in a local mining community with all the local Indonesians. His step father, still at the age of 70 or so is working as head of one of the mining companies & moves around from one mine to another.

Well anyway we then headed back home to unpack all our goodies. It was a lovely morning out even if it was only for a few years down the road. The kids ran around with the local kids & i bumped into many people i know from around town.

Now I need to get myself organized for my Live Show on Friday Night 12th of June. I hope to see you all there. Between 8pm -9pm. I will have some brilliant prizes to be won & it will be lots of fun so come & join in.

Do you support your local farmers & shop at your local markets??
I'd love to know who has one near them.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pure Earth Noosa is the next 'ausMumpreneur live chat Showcase'

It's now Official!
12th of June between 8pm & 9pm .
Come & join in the fun & win some prizes!

Will you join me???


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

COMING very SOON to Pure Earth Noosa
"Cheeki" is an Australian Owned Brand which has just launched their range of
Environmentally Safe & BPA FREE Stainless Steel Water Bottles.
Sign up to out Newsletter to be the first to get our opening SPECIAL.

What do you think about BPA
in our Children's Baby Bottles & kids Drinking Bottles?

Should our Government Ban BPA chemical being
used in Australia?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FREE $5 Voucher to USE!

Everyone who signs up to my newsletter on my website will receive a $5 Voucher to use towards their next order. Hurry only a Limited amount available!
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Third FEATURED BUSINESS for the week is:
Little Lottie Lou Lou
I am mum to beautiful girls Rachel 13 and Brooke 10 and want to work from home to watch them grow before they leave for the big wide world. Littlelottie has always been a dream of mine after selling on ebay for 5 years. My passion is clothing for babies and children.

Littlelottieloulou is a boutique store for delightful new, handmade and pre-loved items for Mother, Baby and Child. I handpick all my items to bring something special. Little lottie lou lou's goal is to provide a unique shopping experience for all families I feel privileged to be able to offer the special pretty and adorable items. little lottie lou lou will offer the most gorgeous and practical baby clothes, gifts and accessories for Mother, Baby and Child. I pride myself on a friendly and reliable service to each and every customer.
I would love feedback also on ideas or what you would like to see.

Here are some other items she has in store:

Are you supporting our local Businesses? Come on do your bit to keep the dollar here!