Monday, August 31, 2009

Does ALL your recycling really get recycled?

Did you know that even if you place your recycling into a biodegradable plastic bag & then through it into your recycle big it may not all get recycled at all?????
Well it's true!

Well there are 2 reasons:

The first reason is that all the rubbish goes onto a conveyor belt & the staff at the recycling plant pick through the rubbish taking out anything that isn't recyclable. When a bag goes past that they can't see what is on the inside it gets pulled off the conveyor belt & placed into the normal rubbish pile.

And the second reason is that the bags get pulled off the conveyor belt is that the plastic bags get court up in the machinery & cause it to malfunction & break down cost time & money.


Well there is an easy way to solve this. Collect your recycling as normal & if you do use a plastic bag to hold it in, just empty the contents in your recycle bin so that it is all loose material.

I'd love to hear what others thoughts are on this?

Friday, August 28, 2009


WOW I'm Hosting my second Live Chat show tonight 28 August 2009
on C2M with Paula & MJP (not too sure who that may be) but hey the more the merrier.

Bring you cuppa or your tea. Bring some choc or Tim Tams.
Personally i'll be having champagne to go with my Tim Tams & to help Paula celebrate.

Invite you friends & family as we are feeling rather giving tonight!
Paula is celebrating her birthday this weekend & mine is next Saturday 5 September 2008

Ok everyone here are your numbers numbers
Good Luck!


1. Louise Newman - Aspire candles
2. Jodie Maher - Kidslearningisfun
3. Peace Mitchell
4. Tracey - My Baby Bump
5. Caddie Noakes
6. Nikki
7. Fiona Van Der Vlugt
8. Helen MacMillan - Aqua Bub
9. Kylie - Boutique Creations
10. Vicki Wallis - Littlelottlieloulou
11. Rebekah Cross - Purely Natural living
12. Jo Debnam - The Toy Bug
13. Kym Teale
14. Nicole Grant
15. Chloe Halls
16. Monique - YCM
17. Danielle - Pram Rock
18. MJ Photography
19. Paula K - Owner of C2M
20. Louise NZ - Scamps Boutique
21. Theresa Tan-Letts
22. Claudette Betterridge
23. Rose-Leah - Blanky 4 Me
24. Jayne Day - Swish Lily
5. Maree - Notable Designs
26. Emma - Hand Print Massage
27. Duncan YAY! A male in the house - besides Rando!

Tonight everyone will be able to receive a 10% discount STORE WIDE!
All you need to do is to subscribe to my monthly newsletter &
enter the code:"C2M" (case sensitive) at check out. If your already a subscriber then you just need to use the code. Not including postage.

I have also just launched some FAB products & some GREAT SPECIALS just for tonight!

Father's Day SPECIALS!
I have 2 wonderful Gift Packs for Father's day this year.

Both will Contain the following:

1 x Shaving Gel 100ml
1 x Citrus Aftershave 50ml
1 x Neem Soap
1 x Natural Loofah Scrub

plus one will also include
1 x 750ml BPA Free Bottle of your choose in colour:

NEW products LAUNCHED tonight are the Red & Blue BPA Free Bottles in 1 Litre plus also an Insulated Silver BPA Free Bottle in 600ml. These are only available for pre-order as they are expected to arrive some time next week. They will also be on SPECIAL for $17.95 RRP is $19.95 JUST for tonight!

note: These will not be included in the 10% discount as are already discounted.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Insulate your home for FREE!

Insulate your home with Government Rebate NO UP-FRONT COSTS!

We have & already we have been able to feel the difference in the house after having one of QLD hottest days in August of 33 degrees plus...

They came, looked & measured up & were her the following day. Work was completed in about 3 hours & the best part NO COST!

They will come to do an inspection to see if you quality first so there isn't any hidden costs to you at all. If the rebate doesn't cover everything you need they will leave you a quote for the extra work needed.

I'm so glad we did it!

Contact details are as follows:
Watermark Insulation Pty Ltd
Jason Darko - 0411 599 379
Bruce Cole - 0401 531 136
OFFICE - 5453 4088

Servicing the Sunshine Coast!

What are your thoughts have YOU got insulation on your home?
Can you tell the difference on a hot or cold day?

mmmm next we have to arrange our Hot Water to be changed over to solar.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Competition Time at Pure Earth Noosa!

"The BEST Earthling Recipe"

Up for grabs is:

1 x $20 Gift Voucher - 1st prize
1 x $10 Gift Voucher - Second Prize
1 x $5 Gift Voucher - Third Prize
2 runners up will also receive a
Free Natural Soy Wax Melt as well!

Competition starts NOW, as soon as this is up & live &
ends on next Friday Night the 14th August at 12pm!

Who can Enter!

ALL Pure Earth Noosa Newsletter Subscribers
So any Face Book or Connect 2 Mum's member's or fan
all you need to do is subscribe to
my newsletter to enter this competition.
IT HAS to be HEALTHY no preservatives, additives, colors, low in sugar, low in fat & gluten FREE
How to enter!
1. Once you have subscribed to Pure Earth Noosa monthly Newsletter,
go to my Face Book Blog HERE.
2. In the Comments place your recipe with the title "The BEST Earthling Recipe.
3. Once you have entered your recipe. Send through an email to with your Name & Email Address.
4. Now all that is left is for everyone to place their votes on the top 5 recipes!
Vote right HERE on my personal Pure Earth Noosa BLOG in the comments on this post.
Any Questions please email me on