Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sustainable BAMBOO Products

Hi Everyone,

Well this morning i finally went & picked up my Bamboo stock. SOCKS & Bathroom WEAR.

Wow! So impressed with the quality & the Luxurious of them! The colours are just divine. With about 9 different colours to choose from in Bathroom wear & over 10 colours in the Socks there is one to suit any family.

I can't wait to try the socks! Well firstly i'm giving a pair to hubby who POOOOO he can have some real bad stinky feet & socks after a day of work.

A must for any Eco Lover or anyone who has sensitive skin or stinky feet. Great gift idea! For a House Warming, 21st Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Father's Day, New Parents, Christmas Gift or any occasion really.
Gift Sets are now also being added & each set will also receive a FREE Natural Soap.
Your more than welcome to Securing your products by placing them on Lay-by.

Great if your looking at getting your Christmas shopping done early. Why not? you can have it all delivered to your door without having to go into the shopping centers & try to squeeze through all the people & queuing up in a long & painful line

Pure Earth Noosa

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Arrival

Hi everyone,

Not sure if you have had the time to see these gorgeous product as yet on my website but i do encourage you to do so when you get a free moment.

I'm proud to announce that we now stock these gorgeous & Australia first 100% Gluten Free Aromaplay Clays.

Made with the finest of ingredients such as Essential Oils that help to sooth & make playtime so much enjoyable for both parents & children.

There are 7 different scents each using different Essential oils so help your child.

If your child has ADHD or has a runny nose these are perfect as they calm & help your child as the scents from the essential oils are released during play time.

These are Hand Made in Australia & are 100% GLUTEN FREE, Natural, Biodegradable & NON-Toxic.
Playtime has never been more enjoyable, Safe & more environmentally Friendly then now with these divine Aromaplay Clays!

Pop in to our online store under Toys & view all 7 colours.

2010 winner of the Top Organic Blog Award

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I want to firstly say sorry for not being able to get on here more often to post updates or let you know what we have been up to. I have no excuse only that i have been so busy with working on new products & updating my website & well with 3 kids it does get a bit hectic at times.

As you can see below Pure Earth Noosa has been just awarded & won top Organic Blog for 2010.

I was quite surprised & very humbled to hear. This award has come from nominations from my readers. SO Thank you all for nominating me & my blog.

I will endeavor to keep you up to date & get back into my blog which i has had to put aside for awhile to arrange for new products for my wonderful & loyal customers.

I try at all times to give you the utmost top quality & best possible products available that are also unique & affordable.

In the next post coming soon you will hear of all our new products & the ones also on the way but also information that i have come across that will be useful & beneficial to you my readers & customers. So please keep an eye out for these & i'd love you to share our blog with others that you think would be interested.

Once again Thank you for your continued support & for those that took the time to nominate us for this award. I really appreciate it.

Sending you all love & hugs

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