Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Back 2 Basics" INTRO

With the QLD flooding which happened on 11/1/2011 & all the rest that followed soon after in northern NSW & VIC. It has made me think more about what is more important in our lives today.

With so many families, homes & communities affected by these floods it's hard to not see how reliant we are on modern society. Transport, utilities & most importantly FOOD & WATER.

When things like this devastate our country to this degree, it's not just the hippies or the yuppies that we look to but also forefathers. How they got by & lived. How they raised their children & how little they had compared to what we have today. Yet they managed to live long & healthy lives....

Simple things such as Fruits & Veggies, Water & Power etc....

We seem to take these little things for granted & don't realise that there are many ways to live more simple & sustainably YET still being connected with modern technology.

We can all do simple things or change to live a more sustainable way of life. It's all about the way we think & the way we see things in life & the world around us today.

It's not just for your future or mine but more importantly our children, our grandchildren & their children. What we do today can make a dramatic difference in the way they live tomorrow. What we teach them will make their future, so isn't it important that we show them & teach them so that they can understand & learn how to look after themselves & "Mother Earth"?

I'll be posting once or twice each month if not more on simple things we can do.
It's not just about reusing, reducing & recycling but how we live as a community & country together as ONE.

Things such as:
Building sustainably
Building a garden that is self-sufficient 
Growing our own fruit trees, herbs & veggies
How to make your own basic everyday products such as jams etc
How to knit & Crochet
Sustainable textiles
Using less petrol & using a bike instead
Using products that are Green
Things that we can make from otherwise thrown out items
Where to go to dispose of items to be recycled & how to do it correctly
Plus much much more...

I'll be making references to other blogs, their posts & links as well. Images & products etc.

I hope you'll join me as we do this together! One step at a time is all you need & with the help of modern society (as mentioned earlier) we can work together to build a more sustainable community using modern technology & Natural resources to get us there :)

Please feel free to share your tips, tricks, hints ideas, recipes or links. Remember we are doing this together so your feedback & input is valuable to everyone.....

NOTE: If it's ok with you all, & i see a comment or link that may be of great interest & may be of use to others i'll be making reference in future post/s so please advise if your not willing to be involved.