Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Competition at Memory Moment Cakes!

Memory Moment Cakes

The owner of this new & exciting business is Melissa, a wonderful 25yo mum of 2 wonderful children and a supporting partner.
She recently started up her own Cake business memory moment cakes, why and how you ask. Well before she was blessed with her wonderful children she used to work in a cake shop and loved it every, but since she stopped working there all tho she was working at a supermarket she was still making cakes for family and friends. After being told many times by friends & family that she should be selling her wonderful creations & at the same time be able to be at home with my kids she decided to give starting her own business a try.

So far its going really well & she has many new orders coming up and she is very excited to be doing what she has always loved doing and being able to be with her kids as well.
I doubt that her kids mind at all having all the left overs of batter that I turn into some yummy cupcakes for them :)

Check out some of her creations!

Make sure to drop into her website and give her your thoughts on her cakes!

She is running an awesome COMPETITION at the moment.

Here are some of the prizes:

A t'shirt, pen and voucher from Memory Moment Cakes
A Gift pack, including Soaps, Incense Sticks, Melts & Tealight Candles & Gift Vouchers from the Wonderful Sandra at Pure earth Noosa
A  gorgeuos set of xmas stars from
Bourique Creation
A Reiki symbol and blessed keyring (handmade with Kailin clay beads) blessed with reiki blessings by Lisa
 A expression Range Bracelet & pocket mirror with a gorgeous follow on it. all from The fantastic Lisa at Overall beings

Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas giving

recently i was requested to send 30 of my Christmas scented range of Tea Lights to a customer who is sending them out to her clients for Christmas.

As i also have been giving these to all my customers who order off my until Christmas i decided to have them all look the same.

They can be of any of the Christmas Scents available on my site & can be of either a Tea Light or melt.

Here are are all wrapped up with a Gift Voucher attached to them.

Pure as driven snow

How excited have i been! This is my very first MEDIA feature & i think it looks quite good.

I received a phone call from the editor of Noosa News early last late last week & was was given an interview over the phone. I then received another call the following day by their photographer to make a time to meet me. The only place close enough for the both of us was on the Saturday morning at the Pomona Markets where i have a stall every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month.

So he turned up, took the picture. The issue of the Noosa News came out on Tuesday the 31/ November 2009 & i'm on page 16 in the Business Extra section.

Please be aware though that the editor made a few errors. I'm not the owner of the cheeki BPA Free Bottles.

I have received MANY calls from locals & a few orders as well so all in all it was a very good first media feature.

What do you think of my editorial?

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Potential Effects of SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

SLS AKA Sodium Lauryl Sulphate can also be spelt Sodium Lauryl Sulfate like for example in Canada.

There are other names which are used & have the same or similar effects:
Sodium Laureth Sulphate
Can cause or promote acne;skin, eye or lung irritation; may contain trace amounts of ethylene oxide or dioxide.
This ingredient is Petroleum derived!

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
 This ingredient is exactly the same as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.
This ingredient is Petroleum derived!

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
Skin & eye irritation; suspected liver toxicity; can cause or promote acne; penetrates skin and accumulates in the vital organs; eczema; toxic to aquatic organisms
This ingredient may be Petroleum derived!

Thes ingredients are being used in almost all our everyday products such as toothpaste, shampoos, dishwashing liquids, & shockingly also in our kids BABY BATH WASHES almost every product.

Be aware that this ingredient is also in the Enjo Cleaning products that they have recently joined forces with. Now why would you, if your promoting Healthy cleaning products & cloths etc why would you join forces & sell products which are made in Canada & that contain SLS in them? I have had many clients comment on this & in fact have now stopped buying their products for this reason.
To Canadian standards SLS is not known to have any affects to humans. mmmmmm & so have added into all their cleaning products. SO if you ask me why have they hidden the face that it's in their products????? Makes you wonder.

This is one thing WE at Pure Earth Noosa do not have in any of the products that i sell!

Christmas shopping with C2M members

Come see all the wonderful products offered on C2M Shopping Page. PLUS you have a chance of winning some awesome prizes JUST by shopping with any or all of the companies on the Shopping Page.

I have just a fraction of my products listed. For more of my products visit my website by clicking on either on any of my products here on my blog or visit C2M Shopping Page. 

Click on the banner below to be taken to the Shopping Page.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eco Blog Tip of the week!

ECO BLOG TIPS starting today!

Tip for this week - Does your kids break their crayons? have many different bits left at the bottom of the pencil case?

WELL here is something you can do to re-use them & Save some money as well. 

Both you & your kids will LOVE this one!

Get yourself a mold of any kind as long as your child's little fingers can hold them. 

Heat some water in a pan over a stove & place a Stainless bowl on the top with all the different bits of crayons in it. 

Stir with an old wooden spoon.  

Once they are melted pour into the molds. 

Pop the molds into the fridge to set & vuala! New crayons which will look funky & can be re-used! You might even like to make some as little gifts!

Would your kids like this?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Special Christmas COMPETITION - now over $600 worth in PRIZES!

This is a BRILLIANT competition! PLUS it's easy peasy!

All you need to do to go into the draw to WIN this awesome PRIZE is purchase this Brilliant book by 12 December 2009.

It's beautifully written with the most gorgeous photos & would make the perfect gift for any New Mum, Mum to Be or any Mum at all really.

PLUS you go in the draw to win this brilliant PRIZE
now been valued at OVER $600 WOW!

The prize draw will be held on Sunday 13 December and the winner will be announced at 7pm (Queensland time).

Prizes include:
• $150 Gold Class Cinema card
• $20 voucher from Your Cheeky Monkey
• $20 voucher from Little Lottie Lou-Lou
• $50 voucher from La Toriana
• $20 Owl from Milla Ruby Designs
• $25 Wooden Beads Grasper from Honeybee Toys
• $20 bonnet from Karimu
• $75 prize pack from Cackleberry Kids
• $25 Aromababy Pack from Swish Lily
• $25 voucher from Blanky 4 me
• $30 Nappy chic wipes case & leg warmers from Belly Bumps to Baby Hugs
• $10 Bubbalog book
• $40 voucher from Pure Earth Noosa
• $20 voucher from My Baby Bump
• $25 Hair and jewelery accessories from Love Mum
• $20 voucher from Purely Natural Living
• 30 minute telephone consultation with Parenting Expert Jo Ryan author of Baby Bliss valued at $50
A total of $625.00 worth of beautiful prizes!

So come on everyone!

All you need to do is place an order for a copy of this stunning book via my website OR by clicking on the link on my blog.

PLUS  EVERY ORDER RECEIVED i will be donating a 
$1 to the Mummy's Wish foundation which helps care for mum's with cancer.

The WINNER of the Signed Copy of the Book

During the whole of last week we had a competition to win a SIGNED COPY of this fabulous book by placing any order on our website.

"What I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mother Book" 
by Peace Michelle & Katy Garner

So we have draw the winner!

AND THE WINNER OF THIS BRILLIANT BOOK IS.........drammmm rolllllllllll.....

is: Kellie Servaas  
Congratulations to Kellie.
You will receive this book in the mail in the coming days. WOOHOOO!

Keep your eyes open as there is another COMPETITION coming......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The History & Advantages of SOY WAX

The History of Soy Wax
Soy Wax is quite a recent invention. It was only in 1991, when Michael Richards, when looking for a cheaper alternative for beewax, that he developed soy wax. There was a big demand for Natural wax candles, but beeswax was about 10 times more expensive than paraffin. As he entered the candle industry with beeswax products he realized there was a growing demand for natural wax candles. Michael Richard tested different natural plant waxes and finally ended up with a vegetable wax which was made with partially hydrogenated soy oil, coconut oil and palm oil. He also blended beeswax with soy wax to make an economical natural wax candle.

Our Soy Wax that we use
EcoSoyaTM soy waxes are created with pure, 100% soybeans. Some of our waxes are then enhanced with carefully selected botanical oils. EcoSoyaTM waxes are non-petroleum renewable resources, promoting the growth and care of our environment while burning crisp and clean with a gentle natural glow. Enjoy the coziness of biodegradable EcoSoyaTM while doing something good for yourself and the environment.

The Making of Soy Wax
Soy Wax commences with soybeans from which the oil is separated. This oil is then purified to give pristine soybean oil which then goes through a process called hydrogenation turning it into a sollid. Unlike other vegetable or soy waxes on the market, EcoSoyaTM waxes are 100% vegetable , guaranteed! There are no beeswax or petroleum products hidden in it.

Advantages of Soy Candles
 Soy candles have the following advantages compared to paraffin wax candles:

Soy candles are cheap - Beeswax is a great natural alternative to paraffin, BUT to get the same results as a soy-based candle, it is very expensive. Soy wax is a new alternative to paraffin wax that is cost effective PLUS Soy wax is also made from a renewable source.

Soy wax is all-natural - soy wax is a favorite of environmentally conscious people because it is not made from petroleum, like paraffin candles are. Burning of soy candles doesn't increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere.

Soy candles last longer - They can last up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.

Wax spills are easy to clean - It's very difficult to remove paraffin wax from furniture or textiles. Soy wax spills can easily be cleaned up with a little warm soapy water & cloth.

Soy candles produce less soot - Soot should be avoided because it is very unhealthy and can eventually coat furniture and walls. Soy candles produce about 90% less soot than paraffin candles do.

Monday, October 26, 2009

SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate!

Well if you don't know what SLS stands for or what it does then you need to keep reading this post.

I have found a company which has been very dishonest to it's loyal customers & it was VERY shocking to hear about this past weekend.

Update in the next few days keep your eyes opened to this space....

OK well i have been asked quite a bit on who the company is. Well seeing i don't want to get into trouble but have to warn people of their lies i have decided that i will leave a few hints & then you can make your own choices. You can have a look next time your out & you will then pick it up yourself.

Hint #1
The company uses White bottles & have either Blue or Black writing not quite sure which.

Hint #2
They have advertised in almost every magazine there is out there...mmmmm makes you wonder.

Hint #3
They are in all chemists & Health Food Stores - The chemists haven't really cared as long as they sell & why would they? Chemists sell drugs & chemicals anyway right? mmmmm
BUT the Health food store are already starting to see the decline in the sales of their products & so will no longer be wanted in their stores as they usually don't like having products in their stores with SLS in them.

OK so with this information I'M SO sure you will work it out or at least see them there & once you pick the products up you'll read the new stuck on replacement labels on them.

It is sad though to think that they can do this to people who have but trust in them & their products....
A real Shame!


Hi again everyone,

Just would like to let everyone know that i'm having a "SALE" until next Monday the 2/11/09 to clear some stock to make room for new stuck coming in very shortly.

The SALE is store wide & the code to use is "SALE" hahahaha of cause. So happy shopping & get in early this year for Xmas shopping.

Until stock lasts so hurry!

The Seminar


Well a few weeks ago i attended the Connect 2 mums seminar on the Gold Coast & it truly was a weekend that i'll never forget.......

NOTE to Paula - Owner & Creator of Connect 2 Mums online magazine

Paula, your such an inspiration & motivator! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I also thank you for putting such a wonderful event together & giving me the opportunity to meet such brilliant WOMAN such as yourself. Yes it was also great to have everyone pop out of the square box in which we have all been chat to for awhile now. ROFL

The Seminar:

People who know me, know that I'm not the type person to get up in front of a large crowd of people to speak. With Paula's help & all the other lovely members that attended the seminar at the Gold Coast, i was able to get up & face my fears. What a nerves wreak i was. My hands & feet were so sweaty that when it was my turn to get up i almost face planted it LOL yes some may not have noticed this but the sweat in my shoes almost made me land flat on my face. with a slight slip & stagger i made it to the front of the room.

To be honest with you i can not remember much of what i said as it turned out to be a bit of a blur. Finally it was over & i quickly got back to my chair to hide behind my folder.

It may have be so daunting for me but without the help of Paula & the others to give me that push or boost of confidence i may have never have done it. So having said this, thank you to you all. I over came a fear & can now move a forward in my business.

mmm what else did we get up to at the seminar?.....

There was a few wonderful speaker with so much motivating & inspirational information to share. There also was speakers & workshops with a lot of business related knowledge & information to help with all aspects of your business to share with us all.

Such people were:

Paula - Owner of Connect 2 Mums online magazine website (host & organizer of the event)
Becky Holbrook - Fortun8gal
Peace & Katy from "What I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mother"
Leonie Featherstone - Phoenix Trading
Jen Harris - Running your small business
Vicki - Lunalei
Kelly Lynch Ring - Vital Earth Traditions
Gayle - Mummy's Wish
Joanna Baker Dowdell - Strawberry Communications
Tania Usher - Seducing The Media
Catherine Oehlman - Squigglemum

oh & then there was little ol' ME - Pure Earth Noosa

I do apologize if i have forgotten anyone. Please let me know if i missed you & i will be more than happy to add you on as well.

I meet many lovely people & businesses. Made some wonderful friends & connections.
The whole weekend was one big inspirational & motivational HIT....I LOVED every bit of it!

I was on such a high for days LOL Hubby had to tell me to shut up about it as i keep going & going & going & i think he had heard everything a few time by that stage. LOL

I can't wait to meet up with everyone again soon over a coffee, tea or drink & dance!
Woohoo i was sore for days after all the dancing we did at the Howl at the moon night club on the Saturday night.

Until our next meet take care everyone.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EXCITING NEWS! Teaching our kids healthy choices!

Well I have a GREAT offer for ALL who would like to help our Schools, Day Care Centers, Play Groups or kindy's etc...
Nation Wide!

From tomorrow until Xmas & maybe longer, either $1 or $2 from EVERY item on the list below will be Donated to your School or Play Group etc... They have to be registered of cause!
PLUS The items in the below list will also be reduced in price as well! to encourage as many people to get involved as we can.

The way it will work is:

Nominate your School, Kindy, Play Group, Day Care Center etc to be part of this by emailing me on
Once they have confirmed that they would like to be involved you & the school will be sent an EXCLUSIVE CODE via email to use when shopping with us. This code will allow me to keep track of which school has purchased what & how much to be donate to that school at the end of each month.
ALSO your more than welcome to have your friends & family use that same code to help you raise more money for your school or day Care Center.

OK Here is the List of ITEMS:
ALL BPA Free Bottles - Reduced by $2 plus $1 will be Donated
ALL Baby Products - Reduced by $1 plus $1 will be Donated
ALL Hair Care Products & Body Washes - Reduced by $1 plus $1 will be Donated
ALL Cleaning Products - Reduced by $1 plus $1 will be Donated

Note: This list may change BUT we will notify both yourself & the schools participating.

NOW i'd like to know what your thoughts are & if you have any questions PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me on the above email or via the comments on this post.

Happy shopping & lets help teach our kids the benefits of Healthy Choices!
Reduce Reuse & Recycle!

Pure Earth Noosa WON the ECO Award on C2M!

Pure Earth Noosa WON the ECO Award on C2M!
WOW I'm so humbled to hear that so many out there have voted for my site for the Eco Award.
I won & I'm over the moon!
to Everyone who voted!
Much appreciated.

Jo (From The Toy Bug) & I will be attending the Seminar & also will both be having a stall so that everyone can see & try our products in person.

If your attending the Seminar on the 16th - 18th of October & wanting to place an order for Xmas Gifts or just for yourself why not do it now & save heaps on postage! Stock up so that you don't have to worry about the extra cost of postage as it can get expensive if your after a few items. As long as your order is finalized by the 15th of Oct then your more than welcome to LAYBY it! Pay it off & have all your Xmas shopping done early & all on the one web site! All you need to do is sent though an email to & we can work out a payment arrangement together.

Don't know what to get someone? Well a Gift Voucher is always a great idea. Otherwise we have something for everyone.

Nanna might like a nice relaxing Soy Wax Candle or a pack of my Natural Organic NON Cow Dung Incense Sticks.
Granddad may like a nice Aftershave that wont irritate his delicate skin.
mmmm what about the Teenager of the house, well what about my Natural Organic Foaming Facial Wash which is perfect for acne skin & or oily skin.
Mum to Be? well what about a brilliant Book by Peace & Katy "What I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Mother" or massage Oil to help her relax, just read the info before hand to make sure it's suitable for pregnant woman first.
Looking for something for your Niece or Nephew? What about a BPA Free Bottle Each? No matter what age we have one that suits.
What about Mum? well, what about a pack 6 of our Hand Poured Natural Soy Wax Melts or Tea Lights or some nice Hand Cream or even a Facial Scrub?
Well, anyone looking to treat your Pet this Xmas? mmmm well we have that one covered as well! Our brilliant Pet Soap which is 100% Natural Organic & made from Neem Leaf powder with Citronella & Tee Tree Essential Oils. Your pet will LOVE you!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Does ALL your recycling really get recycled?

Did you know that even if you place your recycling into a biodegradable plastic bag & then through it into your recycle big it may not all get recycled at all?????
Well it's true!

Well there are 2 reasons:

The first reason is that all the rubbish goes onto a conveyor belt & the staff at the recycling plant pick through the rubbish taking out anything that isn't recyclable. When a bag goes past that they can't see what is on the inside it gets pulled off the conveyor belt & placed into the normal rubbish pile.

And the second reason is that the bags get pulled off the conveyor belt is that the plastic bags get court up in the machinery & cause it to malfunction & break down cost time & money.


Well there is an easy way to solve this. Collect your recycling as normal & if you do use a plastic bag to hold it in, just empty the contents in your recycle bin so that it is all loose material.

I'd love to hear what others thoughts are on this?

Friday, August 28, 2009


WOW I'm Hosting my second Live Chat show tonight 28 August 2009
on C2M with Paula & MJP (not too sure who that may be) but hey the more the merrier.

Bring you cuppa or your tea. Bring some choc or Tim Tams.
Personally i'll be having champagne to go with my Tim Tams & to help Paula celebrate.

Invite you friends & family as we are feeling rather giving tonight!
Paula is celebrating her birthday this weekend & mine is next Saturday 5 September 2008

Ok everyone here are your numbers numbers
Good Luck!


1. Louise Newman - Aspire candles
2. Jodie Maher - Kidslearningisfun
3. Peace Mitchell
4. Tracey - My Baby Bump
5. Caddie Noakes
6. Nikki
7. Fiona Van Der Vlugt
8. Helen MacMillan - Aqua Bub
9. Kylie - Boutique Creations
10. Vicki Wallis - Littlelottlieloulou
11. Rebekah Cross - Purely Natural living
12. Jo Debnam - The Toy Bug
13. Kym Teale
14. Nicole Grant
15. Chloe Halls
16. Monique - YCM
17. Danielle - Pram Rock
18. MJ Photography
19. Paula K - Owner of C2M
20. Louise NZ - Scamps Boutique
21. Theresa Tan-Letts
22. Claudette Betterridge
23. Rose-Leah - Blanky 4 Me
24. Jayne Day - Swish Lily
5. Maree - Notable Designs
26. Emma - Hand Print Massage
27. Duncan YAY! A male in the house - besides Rando!

Tonight everyone will be able to receive a 10% discount STORE WIDE!
All you need to do is to subscribe to my monthly newsletter &
enter the code:"C2M" (case sensitive) at check out. If your already a subscriber then you just need to use the code. Not including postage.

I have also just launched some FAB products & some GREAT SPECIALS just for tonight!

Father's Day SPECIALS!
I have 2 wonderful Gift Packs for Father's day this year.

Both will Contain the following:

1 x Shaving Gel 100ml
1 x Citrus Aftershave 50ml
1 x Neem Soap
1 x Natural Loofah Scrub

plus one will also include
1 x 750ml BPA Free Bottle of your choose in colour:

NEW products LAUNCHED tonight are the Red & Blue BPA Free Bottles in 1 Litre plus also an Insulated Silver BPA Free Bottle in 600ml. These are only available for pre-order as they are expected to arrive some time next week. They will also be on SPECIAL for $17.95 RRP is $19.95 JUST for tonight!

note: These will not be included in the 10% discount as are already discounted.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Insulate your home for FREE!

Insulate your home with Government Rebate NO UP-FRONT COSTS!

We have & already we have been able to feel the difference in the house after having one of QLD hottest days in August of 33 degrees plus...

They came, looked & measured up & were her the following day. Work was completed in about 3 hours & the best part NO COST!

They will come to do an inspection to see if you quality first so there isn't any hidden costs to you at all. If the rebate doesn't cover everything you need they will leave you a quote for the extra work needed.

I'm so glad we did it!

Contact details are as follows:
Watermark Insulation Pty Ltd
Jason Darko - 0411 599 379
Bruce Cole - 0401 531 136
OFFICE - 5453 4088

Servicing the Sunshine Coast!

What are your thoughts have YOU got insulation on your home?
Can you tell the difference on a hot or cold day?

mmmm next we have to arrange our Hot Water to be changed over to solar.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Competition Time at Pure Earth Noosa!

"The BEST Earthling Recipe"

Up for grabs is:

1 x $20 Gift Voucher - 1st prize
1 x $10 Gift Voucher - Second Prize
1 x $5 Gift Voucher - Third Prize
2 runners up will also receive a
Free Natural Soy Wax Melt as well!

Competition starts NOW, as soon as this is up & live &
ends on next Friday Night the 14th August at 12pm!

Who can Enter!

ALL Pure Earth Noosa Newsletter Subscribers
So any Face Book or Connect 2 Mum's member's or fan
all you need to do is subscribe to
my newsletter to enter this competition.
IT HAS to be HEALTHY no preservatives, additives, colors, low in sugar, low in fat & gluten FREE
How to enter!
1. Once you have subscribed to Pure Earth Noosa monthly Newsletter,
go to my Face Book Blog HERE.
2. In the Comments place your recipe with the title "The BEST Earthling Recipe.
3. Once you have entered your recipe. Send through an email to with your Name & Email Address.
4. Now all that is left is for everyone to place their votes on the top 5 recipes!
Vote right HERE on my personal Pure Earth Noosa BLOG in the comments on this post.
Any Questions please email me on


Friday, July 31, 2009

Kitchen Garden Foundation


How Cool is that! I have already been in contact with my little prep boy's school to inform them of this & to raise my hand to help out.

All Primary schools can apply to the Australian Government for grants of to $60,000 to fund infrastructure for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program.

The grants provide funding for the development of a productive vegetable garden & for the construction of a home-style kitchen on the school grounds.

More information in VICTORIA:
More information in other states:

Good Luck everyone!
Let's use this to teach our little ones what is important in life
& how to value our food & health!

I'd LOVE to hear what everyone thinks on this.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Toy Bug

Introducing "The Toy Bug"

WOW I meet this lady a few months ago through Connect2mums. The owner is a lovely local lady who has been running her business online for a few years & i have personally had the pleasure to met in person. She has a very large range of Quality Wooden Toys among other things.

So if your looking for great Educational and Fun Novelty Toys you will find a great range on her online store called "The Toy Bug" that has a fantastic range of toys that won’t break the budget!!

The Toy Bug offers a great range of toys from educational toys, traditional wooden toys, soft baby toys, fun novelty toys and sensory/tactile toys. She has 400+ products with over 50 items under $10.00. She also offers Free Gift Wrapping and has a 12 week Lay-By service.

Just in time for Xmas!

A great site where you will find that something special that little ones will love playing and learning with at the same time.

So far i have purchased a few of her Classic Wooden Pencil Cases $6 each & a few of her soft Woolen Toys $22 each which my kids just adore. Lion, Cow, Hippo & Monkey plus there are a few others in the range as well.

Here are a few of her other fab toys! Let Jo know i sent you.

Natural Australian SOY WAX MELTS, CANDLES & more

Natural Australian SOY WAX MELTS, CANDLES & more
NOW available for order on my web site.

YEAHHHH! I'm so excited i have finally sourced a local person who makes the most delectable & lush Natural Australian Soy Wax melts, Candles, & Tealights. Plus i will also be adding her HAND MADE & Poured Natural Soaps.

They are so delicious! There are 50 different scents & flavors to choose from. the only problem is deciding which ones. Good Luck! LOL I had trouble deciding which one to burn first, but i'm extremely happy with my choice!

At the moment i have been burning Creme Brulee & ohhhh sooo nice! Hubby has even commented on the fact that he can smell them outside.

They are larger than your normal ones you get so you not only get QUALITY buy also QUANTITY! If it spills over it is a breeze to clean. Iknow i made a mess myself the first time & with a warm cloth you just wide it up & it's gone.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Maree Jaeger Photography

Here is a wonderful Lady who does some amazing work as a photographer.
I meet her via the connect2mums web site, just like many other amazing people there, & have seen some of her brilliant work.
If your needing any kind of photography done for a new born baby, wedding, anniversary, or any special occasion, she is the perfect person for the job.

Maree Jaeger photography offers a co
mpletely customized photography service- this means you get the images that YOU want!

Here is just an example of her work!

*Fun and relaxed photo sessions on location
*Newborn ceremonies, birthdays and special events catered for.
*Specialist sessions such as Portrait Parties, Cake Smash, Stages.
*Full range of photographic and print products- storyboards, announcement cards, canvases, photobooks and more!
*Specials advertised regularly on website and blog
*Sign up to Newsletter on website to win a free session!

*All Pure Earth Noosa ne
wsletter subscribers get a free 11x14 print if you mention Pure Earth Noosa when you book! (Melbourne clients only sorry)

Maree Jaeger Photography

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hi Everyone, I have been busy putting these great little Goodie Bags together. I send one out to everyone who places an order via my web site. They are filled with little promo gifts & things from other businesses that i have come to know through a great networking site called Connect2mums.
A fabulous site to connect with others either in business or just mums who want to meet other mums.
We all send each other our little bits & put them all into a little paper bag. These then go out with all of everyone's orders to help each other to spread the word about each others businesses.
They may differ from time to time due to what i have been sent but they will most definitely packed with value!

Just to name a few of the companies & items: Lip Balm - by Pure Earth Noosa, Bookmarks - by The Toy Bug, Lollie Pops - by Op tots, Gift Vouchers - by Pure Earth Noosa, Belly Bumps to Baby Hugs, Kindy Kamper & others, Plus Discount Coupons, & much more...

Place an order with me via my website & you will receive one of these fab little bags.

Place your thought on my Goodie Bags here. What else would you like to see in them?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Product Testimonial

yay i have just received another testimonial. This time regarding our NEW BPA Free Bottles.

I love my BPA free bottles! Thank you!
Our family takes bottles of water filtered most everywhere
and its exciting to have a healthier alternative to plastic

We particularly like the small size for our daughter, as we
sometimes take milk for her and it is so much more hygienic to
use the stainless steel bottles, and easier to clean too!

Thank you to:
Susan Wallis

Thursday, July 9, 2009

GV for your Review

I'm giving all members a $5 GV (Gift Voucher) when they place a review on
my web site as a "Thank You" for taking to time to do so.
So if you have made a purchase of any of my products from books to bottles or shampoo, leave your review on my web site & in return i will email you your exclusive GV with your very own Code to enter & spend on anything store wide!
Hurry this is only until the end of the month!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My YUMMY Sweet Potato Cake
(same can be used to make Banana or Carrot)

Pre-Heat Oven to 180c for a fan forced oven
Butter your tin & coat with flour for easy extraction.

2 Cups of grated Sweet Potato, Banana or Carrot
125grams of Unsalted Butter
3/4 Cup of Sugar
2 Eggs
2 Cups of Self Raising Flour
1/2 teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda
2 Tablespoons of Milk

Cream the Butter & Sugar together & then add the Eggs & the Milk.
Sift the Flour & Bicarb into the mixture & then
fold in the Sweet Potato (Banana or Carrot)

Cooking time
30 mins - 45 mins

Depending on your oven & the main ingredient.
Push lightly on the cake & if it springs back up it's cooked
or you can stick a knife in the center & pull it out. If the knife is clean
then it's cooked if not just leave it in for a little longer.

Allow it to cool slightly before you take it out of the tin. Depending on
the Main ingredient used you can also make the icing for it.
I like to make Vanilla Icing as everyone tends to like it.

For Vanilla Icing
2 drops of Vanilla Essence
2 Tablespoons of Butter
1 Cup of Icing Sugar

Cream the sugar & Butter together then add the Vanilla Essence

I hope you ALL enjoy it like my family & i do.
Happy Cooking!

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