Sunday, September 14, 2014

Im currently LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING products to add to my website.

BAMBOO hand made Cloth NAPPIES. They need to be made in QLD preferably Sunshine Coast.
If you or you know anyone who make these please contact me asap.

Many Thanks
Morning everyone,

So sorry for not posting for a long time on my blog. Those that know me will know that i had a few family issues...back in late 2012 and that this affected our entire family, income and many other things. My life was turned upside down and inside out...even now we are still dealing with the effects of what happened and so my business had to be put aside and unfortunately had suffered.

Since then other things unfortunately have happened due to negative people in our world but my business will still carry on bigger and better due to wonderful friends and family who support and are always positive.

I have a new business name which will be released very soon and i know you will all love it immensely and has a real important meaning and direction behind it.

I cant wait to let everyone know.

I just want to send everyone a warm hug for their support and understanding its the reason why i get back up and keep going. My kids and family have also been my energy and with my followers support as well, my new name and business will be an exciting new venture im sure all will enjoy.

Kindest Regards

Friday, October 28, 2011


What's New at PEN you ask?

mmmm we have an awesome range of NEW products to help you & your family be sustainable & to use healthier & more Natural products in & around your home!

AWESOME Gift Ideas as well!

From NEW & EXCLUSIVE BPA Free ABC Play School Bottles to the Australian FIRST Baby Bottle that is totally BPA Free! From the bottle to the teats!

We also have a beautiful range of HAND MADE Eco Friendly & ORGANIC Wheat Bags.


We have a range of Fabric to suit all!

We have the EYE Bags, Square Bags & also KIDS Bags!

For eyes, back, head, joints you name it they can be used for all types of aches & pains!

Can be used hot or cold & look great on your bedroom shelves or child's bed.

Prices rrp at $19.95 for the Eye Bags & $35.95 for the others
NEW Fabric coming in the next few days & if you like any of the fabric but in a different shape we havent got just ask & we can have it made for you.

Perfectly GIFTED WRAPPED in their individual boxes these make a gorgeous gift for any member of the family or friend :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Back 2 Basics" INTRO

With the QLD flooding which happened on 11/1/2011 & all the rest that followed soon after in northern NSW & VIC. It has made me think more about what is more important in our lives today.

With so many families, homes & communities affected by these floods it's hard to not see how reliant we are on modern society. Transport, utilities & most importantly FOOD & WATER.

When things like this devastate our country to this degree, it's not just the hippies or the yuppies that we look to but also forefathers. How they got by & lived. How they raised their children & how little they had compared to what we have today. Yet they managed to live long & healthy lives....

Simple things such as Fruits & Veggies, Water & Power etc....

We seem to take these little things for granted & don't realise that there are many ways to live more simple & sustainably YET still being connected with modern technology.

We can all do simple things or change to live a more sustainable way of life. It's all about the way we think & the way we see things in life & the world around us today.

It's not just for your future or mine but more importantly our children, our grandchildren & their children. What we do today can make a dramatic difference in the way they live tomorrow. What we teach them will make their future, so isn't it important that we show them & teach them so that they can understand & learn how to look after themselves & "Mother Earth"?

I'll be posting once or twice each month if not more on simple things we can do.
It's not just about reusing, reducing & recycling but how we live as a community & country together as ONE.

Things such as:
Building sustainably
Building a garden that is self-sufficient 
Growing our own fruit trees, herbs & veggies
How to make your own basic everyday products such as jams etc
How to knit & Crochet
Sustainable textiles
Using less petrol & using a bike instead
Using products that are Green
Things that we can make from otherwise thrown out items
Where to go to dispose of items to be recycled & how to do it correctly
Plus much much more...

I'll be making references to other blogs, their posts & links as well. Images & products etc.

I hope you'll join me as we do this together! One step at a time is all you need & with the help of modern society (as mentioned earlier) we can work together to build a more sustainable community using modern technology & Natural resources to get us there :)

Please feel free to share your tips, tricks, hints ideas, recipes or links. Remember we are doing this together so your feedback & input is valuable to everyone.....

NOTE: If it's ok with you all, & i see a comment or link that may be of great interest & may be of use to others i'll be making reference in future post/s so please advise if your not willing to be involved.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sharing the LOVE continues...with AmbeRocks

I did a call out this afternoon from my FB page to see who was interested in having their page or website listed on my blog.

The reason for this was purely because I just could not make my mind up on who to list here on my blog. There are so many talented businesses that I have meet or know via FB it's just awesome!

Anywayzzz, I received such a huge amount of interest that I just can't add everyone this week. I'll have to do another round next week.

I want all my followers on my blog to read my posts & not just run through it quickly as the talent is well worth reading about & visiting their pages.

Here is a business that i think is right up my ally & well lets just say her unique & gorgeous products can be used by almost if not everyone!

Introducing Lisa, owner & creator of from AmbeRocks. She sells Baltic Amber jewelery for mums and babies. Her philosophy is to heal naturally using the gifts from our earth.

This is something that I'm very interested in knowing more about & will be not only be telling others about but will be visiting her myself very soon for my family needs.

Pop on over to her pages to see some of her divine creations! They are stunning & what better way to heal than using natural therapy!

Let her know i sent you.

Here are her links:
AmbeRocks Website
AmbeRocks FB Page

Sharing the LOVE with MooBear

MooBear is a locally owned & run business that designs gorgeous Tee's for for Kids. The Gorgeous Stephanie is so sweet & will be more than happy to help you anytime.

She designs Tee's which are hand made using recycled fabrics making each one so much more original and unique compared to the everyday cloths you find in the shops.

How great are these gorgeous TEE'S! yes you will have to just pop over to see them hahahaha

I WANT ONE! well not for me of cause but for my little ones & I have 3 of them.

Bugger if only I had remembered to pop in during Christmas duhhh I totally & embarrassingly forgot!
So sorry Step Bear. Luckily I have a birthday coming up hahahaha

Her Big Kid's Tees are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified (free of harmful chemicals), 100% cotton, ethically made and Eco-friendly.

You must pop in to either of her pages to check her Tee's out, trust me you will not regret it!
MooBear Website
MooBear FB Page

Let Stephanie know I sent you.

Sharing the LOVE a little further today

I have been on FaceBook, well some may say a little more than I should ah (hubby)
but I love it!

I must admit I have made many many gorgeous friends & found many wonderful businesses in which I now can call friends & visit their site to do my online shopping with.

OK YES I know, some of you may know me also as a game addict LOL & well I do love a good FREE game to play to relieve the daily stresses of raising 3 little ones that at time drive me bonkers hehehehe

So anywayzzzzz,
I thought of letting others know of these awesome businesses that I have become friends & have purchased from in the last few years of being addicted to FaceBook....

So you will see that I have already started to add a few businesses already with more to come.......

I love to share the link love & if you'd like to be added please feel free to email me some info to
Thanks & have a wonderful New Year everyone. :)