Sunday, September 14, 2014

Im currently LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING products to add to my website.

BAMBOO hand made Cloth NAPPIES. They need to be made in QLD preferably Sunshine Coast.
If you or you know anyone who make these please contact me asap.

Many Thanks
Morning everyone,

So sorry for not posting for a long time on my blog. Those that know me will know that i had a few family issues...back in late 2012 and that this affected our entire family, income and many other things. My life was turned upside down and inside out...even now we are still dealing with the effects of what happened and so my business had to be put aside and unfortunately had suffered.

Since then other things unfortunately have happened due to negative people in our world but my business will still carry on bigger and better due to wonderful friends and family who support and are always positive.

I have a new business name which will be released very soon and i know you will all love it immensely and has a real important meaning and direction behind it.

I cant wait to let everyone know.

I just want to send everyone a warm hug for their support and understanding its the reason why i get back up and keep going. My kids and family have also been my energy and with my followers support as well, my new name and business will be an exciting new venture im sure all will enjoy.

Kindest Regards