Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Insulate your home for FREE!

Insulate your home with Government Rebate NO UP-FRONT COSTS!

We have & already we have been able to feel the difference in the house after having one of QLD hottest days in August of 33 degrees plus...

They came, looked & measured up & were her the following day. Work was completed in about 3 hours & the best part NO COST!

They will come to do an inspection to see if you quality first so there isn't any hidden costs to you at all. If the rebate doesn't cover everything you need they will leave you a quote for the extra work needed.

I'm so glad we did it!

Contact details are as follows:
Watermark Insulation Pty Ltd
Jason Darko - 0411 599 379
Bruce Cole - 0401 531 136
OFFICE - 5453 4088

Servicing the Sunshine Coast!

What are your thoughts have YOU got insulation on your home?
Can you tell the difference on a hot or cold day?

mmmm next we have to arrange our Hot Water to be changed over to solar.


  1. Thanks for the tip Sandy. sounds brilliant! We just got a solar powered hot water system and grey water pipes installed to use in the garden. Every little bit helps. :)

    Claire McFee
    Organize Your Life Organizers

  2. Well done Claire, I only just found out though that if you choose to get the Insulation you can't go for the rebate for the Solar Hot Water as well. I think they still give you something back but not as much though. BUMMER! I really wanted to go GREEN with everything but can't afford it yet.