Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EXCITING NEWS! Teaching our kids healthy choices!

Well I have a GREAT offer for ALL who would like to help our Schools, Day Care Centers, Play Groups or kindy's etc...
Nation Wide!

From tomorrow until Xmas & maybe longer, either $1 or $2 from EVERY item on the list below will be Donated to your School or Play Group etc... They have to be registered of cause!
PLUS The items in the below list will also be reduced in price as well! to encourage as many people to get involved as we can.

The way it will work is:

Nominate your School, Kindy, Play Group, Day Care Center etc to be part of this by emailing me on
Once they have confirmed that they would like to be involved you & the school will be sent an EXCLUSIVE CODE via email to use when shopping with us. This code will allow me to keep track of which school has purchased what & how much to be donate to that school at the end of each month.
ALSO your more than welcome to have your friends & family use that same code to help you raise more money for your school or day Care Center.

OK Here is the List of ITEMS:
ALL BPA Free Bottles - Reduced by $2 plus $1 will be Donated
ALL Baby Products - Reduced by $1 plus $1 will be Donated
ALL Hair Care Products & Body Washes - Reduced by $1 plus $1 will be Donated
ALL Cleaning Products - Reduced by $1 plus $1 will be Donated

Note: This list may change BUT we will notify both yourself & the schools participating.

NOW i'd like to know what your thoughts are & if you have any questions PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me on the above email or via the comments on this post.

Happy shopping & lets help teach our kids the benefits of Healthy Choices!
Reduce Reuse & Recycle!


  1. Woo Hoo! Go Sandy - Come on everyone lets get behind Sandy and help our kids, the environment and support our schools.

  2. Wow Sandy thats awesome!! I love the idea!