Monday, October 26, 2009

SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate!

Well if you don't know what SLS stands for or what it does then you need to keep reading this post.

I have found a company which has been very dishonest to it's loyal customers & it was VERY shocking to hear about this past weekend.

Update in the next few days keep your eyes opened to this space....

OK well i have been asked quite a bit on who the company is. Well seeing i don't want to get into trouble but have to warn people of their lies i have decided that i will leave a few hints & then you can make your own choices. You can have a look next time your out & you will then pick it up yourself.

Hint #1
The company uses White bottles & have either Blue or Black writing not quite sure which.

Hint #2
They have advertised in almost every magazine there is out there...mmmmm makes you wonder.

Hint #3
They are in all chemists & Health Food Stores - The chemists haven't really cared as long as they sell & why would they? Chemists sell drugs & chemicals anyway right? mmmmm
BUT the Health food store are already starting to see the decline in the sales of their products & so will no longer be wanted in their stores as they usually don't like having products in their stores with SLS in them.

OK so with this information I'M SO sure you will work it out or at least see them there & once you pick the products up you'll read the new stuck on replacement labels on them.

It is sad though to think that they can do this to people who have but trust in them & their products....
A real Shame!


  1. I hope it's not a company that I've been using things from!

  2. HINT: It's a White Bottle & Has either blue or black writing not quite sure. It's in all the chemists & Health Food Stores - not anymore!