Friday, May 14, 2010

NEW & EXCLUSIVE! 100% Bamboo Wear soon to arrive at Pure Earth Noosa


Pure Earth Noosa has been looking for some quality 100% bamboo products now for a few months & i can now say that I have finally found some that will be made just for Pure Earth Noosa. They are due to arrive in the next few weeks & to be honest i really can't wait as we as a family will be using the products ourselves as well.

With Winter just around the corner, these items are going to be just perfect for any family or anyone with sensitive skin or Eczema. The one thing that i needed to find was quality products but also affordable products & i think i have managed to do just that!
Pure Earth Noosa will be carrying some EXCLUSIVE Bamboo products to Australia so if your after Quality, Safe & Environmentally friendly products for your family that are affordable & unique to Australia then you have found the right place to come.

Just to give you a heads up on the kind of products we are going to be carrying here they are:

100% Bamboo Waterproof baby Sheets
100% Bamboo 3 piece Towel Sets & or Individual Towels
100% Bamboo Blankets
100% Bamboo Terry Towels for both Men & Woman
100% Bamboo Pillows
100% Bamboo Quilts

All of the above will be available in White, Blue & Pink but also a few other colors for the Towels etc

Please join my Newsletter asap to find out when they will be available to purchase via my website.

ALSO these will be available via Lay-by if your wanting to purchase for the family. There will also be a new born gift pack which will include a few of these items along with some Chemical Free natural Organic skin care items as well.
I will be also including a family discounted gift pack which will make the perfect wedding gift or house welcoming gift or any gift to be honest.

Here is the link to my website if you wish to subscribe. As soon as i have more of the information & pictures to list these products on my website they will also be available for PRE-ordering.

Thanks & keep your eyes open for these & other great products.

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