Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Arrival

Hi everyone,

Not sure if you have had the time to see these gorgeous product as yet on my website but i do encourage you to do so when you get a free moment.

I'm proud to announce that we now stock these gorgeous & Australia first 100% Gluten Free Aromaplay Clays.

Made with the finest of ingredients such as Essential Oils that help to sooth & make playtime so much enjoyable for both parents & children.

There are 7 different scents each using different Essential oils so help your child.

If your child has ADHD or has a runny nose these are perfect as they calm & help your child as the scents from the essential oils are released during play time.

These are Hand Made in Australia & are 100% GLUTEN FREE, Natural, Biodegradable & NON-Toxic.
Playtime has never been more enjoyable, Safe & more environmentally Friendly then now with these divine Aromaplay Clays!

Pop in to our online store under Toys & view all 7 colours.

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