Friday, August 13, 2010

SLS in our everyday items such as a simple SMOOTHIE!

Hi Readers,

I found this information & link only a few days ago on the net & to be honest with you, I'M DISGUSTED! Our poor children are suffering already & yet some people feel the need to keep pumping them with un-necessary ingredients in their foods & drinks!

I do everything i can to eliminate these toxins from my kids diets & in their body care as you know, with the products i sell. Then you come across this & it is very disturbing.... well it is to me. The worst thing is that they DO NOT list these awful ingredients when you go & buy these products so how are we to know? mmmmm I think this is where the governments should step in & make the changes to help our kids.

Anyway have a read of this!
SLS in our Smoothies!

I hope you find it of interest.
PEN out!

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