Friday, May 29, 2009

Feature Business

Welcome to my VERY First Featured Business, and that business is:
Milla Ruby Design

I think it's only fair that we help each other out. The Featured Businesses that i will be posting here about will be of those that i have had the pleasure in doing business with myself or that i love their site. Others will be of new sites needing an extra hand to get out there in the big world.

Tonight we had a great Show Case through for Caddie Noakes from

It's was hilarious! Me & my butter fingers could not keep up with the forum. There were prizes to be won & for the first time i won something. I think it was the major prize too. LOL
I never win anything so when my number came up oh boy what a surprise!

Well my Feature Business for tonight is........

Milla Ruby Designs
Mum of 2 girls, Millana and Ruby. I wanted to stay at home and look after my girls. Bit of a lost end as to what to do going back to "work" i didn't want to be an enrolled nurse any longer so thought id do what i love doing which is sew! Sew whatever i fancied doing at the time.

Started as a hobby for a year but have opened up since march this
year. I am self taught. I have hand sewed since i was about 8yrs old. My grandmother encouraged it. She was very crafty herself and tried everything. lol I sew because i love to and i like the praise i get from it.
Money has never been an issue as to why i did it.

I hope one day to see my clothing or beanies on a celebrity or be in a magazine.. But really just happy that others out there like my work..
I live in Safteybay,WA!

Here are her links:

Come & support a local Australian mum! Her work is something to be seen. I myself have just placed my order. I cant wait to receive it. My little girl will look absolutely gorgeous in it.

Thank Caddie!

NOTE:Would you like to be featured here?
If so sign up to & message me via my page Pure Earth Noosa.
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  1. Love your new website and blog Sandy

  2. Your blog looks fantastic sandy!! I will certainly be a follower and i cant wait to see your princess in one of my creations!

  3. Your blog looks great Sandy! Can't wait to see more fantastic C2M businesses showcased here!