Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The NEXT BIG thing!

A wonderful Australian Site i have come across & VERY Proud to be a part of!

This wonderful website is run by a lovely lady by the name of Peita Gardiman.

Ethikl is the next big thing with online shopping – Specialising in organic produce and handmade goods, Ethikl is a one-stop-shop for sellers and buyers wanting to make a positive impact on the planet and themselves through their shopping decisions. In the tradition of a local farmers’ market, Ethikl caters to small artisan producers who use organic, natural, or recycled ingredients or make their
products by hand and have limited exposure. Sellers have the opportunity to
set up virtual storefronts to post their wares and share information.

At Ethikl, shoppers have a similar experience to visiting a farmers’ market
where there is the opportunity to discover amazing local goods from
passionate producers. With videos and social networking features to help
shoppers get to know sellers, Ethikl is all about connecting consumers
directly with the producers. One of the main aims of Ethikl is promote and
support the ethical consumer movement and encourage shoppers to make
positive buying decisions, such as favoring ethical products, be they fair
trade, cruelty free, organic, recycled, re-used, or produced locally

Ethikil's Link

Ethikl is sure to be a hit with buyers and sellers alike so be sure to check it out.

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  1. Aaaaah found it (the reference to Ethikl) thanks for having a post about it as the friend who told me about it yesterday had the spelling wrong, you post came up at nearly the top of the page in google search.
    Not a bad way to attract new visitors to your shop....well done.
    Love, Light and Rainbows
    Megg (from Northern Rivers, NSW)