Friday, January 15, 2010

NEW PRODUCTS coming very soon!

Here is a sneak peak at what's coming to Pure Earth Noosa

As I'm posting this I'm preparing to add some gorgeous Hand Made & Hand Poured Natural Goats Milk Soaps, & other Natural Oil Soaps.

Also coming in the next few weeks are our Candle Palm Wax Pillars in a few different sizes.

Our Stunning "ME" Collection of Pillars are .345 Grams & will be available in the following varieties:

Sizes, burning time & prices are:

345 Grams - 40-50 Hours $13.95

445 Grams - 70-80 Hours $17.95

Scents Available are:

Envy Me (Green): Italian Bergamot, Orange blended with Musk
Love Me (Red): Tropical Sweet fruits blended with Musk
Spoil Me (Maroon): Tropical Fruits blended with rich Vanilla
Indulge Me(Purple): Wine % Roses
Pamper Me (Sand): Rich warm Vanilla blended with Brown Sugar

These are getting adding over the weekend & will be available to order as of Early next week. Monday or Tuesday.

IN the next few weeks we will be adding a range of NUT Free GLUTEN Free & Vegan products.

You will notice on our website that i have already added this Category & have started to go through all the products & slowing adding to this.

This is to make your shopping experience an even better one. Making it easier for anyone to find what you want quicker. As I'm Nut Intolerant myself, i found that there is a lack of this in the Health & Natural Organic product industry so have decided to add this. It's ti help anyone wanting these type of products to go straight to this category rather than going through every product & reading the ingredients to find out. I hope this help others.

I'm also working on adding some NATURAL ORGANIC Lip Balms & Scrubs etc & they too will be added in the following few weeks. These will be NUT Free, Gluten Free & Vegan. Keep your eyes open for these as they will be so lush!

JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER to hear more & find out when they are available FIRST!

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on this or anything in my posts.


  1. Hey Sandy,
    just been browsing your blog and it looks great - Congrats!!!
    Hope you are enjoying this Sunshine Coast rain this afternoon......Dee-BabyGalah (C2M member)

  2. Hi Sandy,

    those soaps look delicious. I will have to get me some soon :)

  3. congrats! thats good news indeed!