Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Micheal Jackson

Our warmest wishes & love go out to your his family & friends.
WE LOVE YOUR MUSIC & you will always be remembered.
I grew up with your music & will make sure my kids know who you are & what
you were all about.
May you Rest In Peace!

From Pure Earth Noosa

ANYONE who would like to add to these wishes please feel free.


  1. RIP MJ, you will live forever through your music.

  2. R.I.P MJ, we will never forget you ever!!!!

  3. RIP MJ, your music brings back good memories!!!!

  4. You were so very talented and your music will live on forever. I actually have Thriller as my message tone and start dancing to it every time I get a message. RIP.

  5. RIP MJ - you were so talented and you will live on in your music - you will not be forgotten.

  6. RIP Michael,
    Your music and dancing is phenomenol! You will be deeply missed.
    Carole Disseldorp