Wednesday, June 3, 2009

COMING very SOON to Pure Earth Noosa
"Cheeki" is an Australian Owned Brand which has just launched their range of
Environmentally Safe & BPA FREE Stainless Steel Water Bottles.
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What do you think about BPA
in our Children's Baby Bottles & kids Drinking Bottles?

Should our Government Ban BPA chemical being
used in Australia?


  1. They look awesome! how big are they? I like the red one with the girl on it!

  2. They come in 350mml for kids, 500ml, 750ml & a 1 Litre. Price range from $15 - 20

  3. OMG not an aussie SIGG type bottle???????OMG I'm excited......

  4. Yep That's right it's Australian. I only support Aussie Made products on my web site. I'm Excited as well. As they have kids ones as well & also coming soon are the sipper cups! yeahhhh!

  5. I have had so many people asking about them already so come check out my web site as i now have a few listed. You may even like to place your orders NOW before they run out.