Monday, June 8, 2009

Floods at Cooran

I thought i'd share with you what we had to deal with just recently after receiving plenty of rain in in a matter of a few days. LOL Lots of fun & swimming! Plus Hubby gets his gorgeous face in the paper.

Well where we are there are quite a few one way bridges or just bridges in general. When we receive plenty of rain in a short period of time well, lets just say the kids come out & play. Where we live, we are in the middle of 2 or 3 different bridges which ALWAYS flood. They don't take long & we get cut off.

It is so surreal when you see just how much water we get & that where there is meant to be a road, park & bridge that you just can't see them anymore. On a few occasions we had cars float away, stuck or under water.

RIP to the elderly lady that was swept away in her car & drowned.

On the last occasion we had the local news, helicopters flying above & SES everywhere. A few of the local schools had students stuck at school for a few nights as they could not get home nor could parents get to them. I bet they had lots of fun!

We (our Family & a few others surrounding us) get cut off from the little local store up the road.

Hubby usually never lets that get in the way. He was out with the older kids (NOT MINE, my kids got trapped out of Cooran & had to stay at poppy's) swimming & playing around in the water. At one point they managed to cross to the other side & that's when they got their pictures taken & got on the local papers & news channels. He thought he was a star!

It's hard to see in the pictures but where you see a glimpse of a bridge the water has risen over the bridge & where you see a field well that's it, it was a field with cows & a road which went down the middle. This you can't see anymore just water & in another picture you see a huge river well that's a road & the water is going against it like a T section. Right at the back of that same picture is where the bridge is & it has over flowed from. The width of the river from under the bridge has now gone well over the bridge & has become 10 times wider if not more. Both pictures are taken from both each side of our street blocking us in.

Have you ever been flooded in where you live??? Tell us what happened at your place.

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  1. Oh the rain is relentless sometimes isnt it. we were at my youngest sons gynnatics comp on the Gold Coast yesterday and this storm came from nowhere, well from inland somewhere, and just blew thru the gymnasium soaking half of it.

    It was amazing really, such great force. Then 5 minutes later blue skies again. I think SHE just likes to keep us on our toes and aware that SHE - mother nature is in charge at all times.

    Great blog Sandy

    I Just Love That Fabric