Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Season

Oppsie daisy, me bad!

I haven't been on my blog for awhile to post. You just get caught up in life's little challenges that I have forgotten to blog in a while.

So sorry everyone.

With the Silly Season now upon us it's no wonder we get all caught up. With Christmas Shopping & Back to School being arranged. Some kids are going into a higher level & others will be their first year at school. Scary but exciting.

I have my 7yr old moving up to Year 2 & my 5yr old starting Prep this year so arranging uniforms & new shoes, school bag & books etc OMG it doesn't leave much time for much else.

I hope you have ALL had a lovely Christmas with friends & family & wish ALL my Customers Followers & Friends a very joyous yet SAFE New Year....

Also anyone that has been affected by the QLD floods my thoughts are with you all & I hope you are all safe & sound & please look after yourselves. It's not worth your life to try to enter any flooded waters NO MATTER what the reason is. Take Care!

Well Lots has been happening & many NEW & EXCITING products have been added to my ever growing website.

Greeting Cards

Just some of the New products are our awesome

Eco Friendly Greeting Cards for all occasions & all age groups.
100% Post Consumer recycled & printed with Veggie ink

Kids & New Born Cards

Including in the range is also these Kids & New Born babies cards as well.

The range also has Wrapping Paper

Every pack sold going to plant a tree.


Hankie Pankie HANKIES

I have also added this lovely range of Organic Cotton Hankies which come in many different designs & are just so cute for any gift giving occasion.

All individually packed in their cute recycled little boxes.

Bamboo Tooth Brushes

We now also stock Bamboo Tooth Brushes for both Kids & Adults!

How cool are these. Did you know we consume 1 Million a year of these everyday items & don't put a second thought to what happens to them once we have used & disposed them?


Bamboo Cloth Nappies Plain

Also now in stock are these awesome range of Locally Hand Made Bamboo Cloth Nappies, Inserts, Boosters & Kindy/Library bags. We have them in Bulk Buys or singles & come in plain or patterned material. If you choose to go for the patterned ones you need to let us know prior via email as they are with whats is stock at the time. They change from time to time but they are all adorable & you little news will be not only helping to save the environment but they will be doing this in style LOL

Kindy / Library Bags

If you have little one that are starting school or going back to school next year these Kindy/Library bags are just so cute. They come in different designs depending on the availability of material at the time of ordering.
All Hand Made locally these Bags are a must!

Eco Note Books

These Eco friendly note Books are just so cute & it's made me start writing again to friends just to use them LOL

Also 100% post Consumer Recycled & printed with Veggie ink, they come in 4 different colors or styles.

Eco Book Marks

These are a lovely range of Book marks also in stock & what a great way to make reading all that much more Eco Friendly :)

Well there are so many more products now available on my website that I think it's best you take the time to pop in sometime to check them all out but just one more range that i have added & is perfect for not only kids for lunch at school but did you know you can also use these for storing your pizza dough during rising?
Yep there are many other uses as well. If you have one or purchasing one I'd love to hear your way of using these. Have you guessed what they are yet? lol

Yep that's right! These are also Locally designed & owned & come in 11 wonderful designs for both boys & girls or uni sex as well.

Our Eco Wraps & Pockets come in both Lunch or Snack sizes.

We love offering or readers & customers only the best that Australia has to offer & I hope that in me choosing these products I have done just that. It's also very important that what ever I stock is affordable to the everyday Australian family so i hope that i have managed to do this as well.
I just love all the products I have & I use most of them with exception being my kids are now toilet trained & well hubby has to use the Aftershave for obvious reasons but other than that I can personally recommend all the products that I offer.

I have 2 out of my 3 kids going to school next year so trying to keep my little one entertained  during school hours will be a real big challenge.

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing time during this holiday break & all take care of yourselves.

With many more exciting new things to come in the New Year so stay tuned....

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  1. great gift ideas...good to know there are more people now who supports eco friendly products